R.K.International has entered into the arena of plant engineering construction activities in the year of 1997. However in this period of time we have successfully performed many engineering jobs with expanded nature & scope with a high level of technical sophistication. Frames

1. Fabrication & Supply of Filter frame : Filter Module
of Frame – 6 for M/s Anfilco Ltd. : Filter Module of Frame-6

2. Fabrication & supply of Sheet Metal (2mm – 8mm thk.) for M/s Advance Tech. Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

3. Fabrication & Supply of Filters housing for M/s Asea Brown Boveries Ltd. ( Wockhardt Ltd., Ranbaxy, Microlab, Panasea Biotec, Cipla, Unichem Ltd.) pharmaceutical project.

4. Fabrication & Supply of Stainless Steel Cold Storage for Kabul Project for M/s Blue Star Ltd.

5. Fabrication & Supply of Pressure Vessels for M/s Belco Pollution Control Pvt. Ltd.

6. Fabrication & Supply of Turbine Filter Module of Frame-6 & Frame-9 for M/s Donaldson’s India Filtration System Pvt. Ltd.

7. Fabrication & Supply of Sheet Metal upto 5mm thk. For M/s Dominent Offset Ltd.

8. Modification of Frame – 6 Filter House Bangladesh Project for M/s Freundenberg Non Wovens India Ltd.

9. Fabrication & Supply of Paint Shop equipments, Bake ovens panel, Process Tanks, Washing Chamber, Grating etc. for Paint Shop for M/s Haden International Group India Pvt. Ltd.

10. Fabrication & Supply of Steel & Sheet Fabrication for Tunnels for M/s International Metro Civil Contractors (Metro Rail) New Delhi.

11. Fabrication & Supply of Gas Turbines Enclosure / Generators Enclosures, Acoustic / Non-Acoustic Enclosure, Control Cabinet, Hot Air Ducts, Cooler Air Ducts & Air Intake Loovers for M/s Lloyd Insulations India Ltd.

12. Fabrication & Supply of Industrial Filter Frames for M/s Puromatic Filters Pvt. Ltd. & M/s Polymer Papers Ltd.

13. Fabrication & Supply of Automobile Filters Bowls, Cover Assembly for M/s Purolator India Ltd.

14. Fabrication & Supply of Formers / Patch Frames for Furnace for M/s Rico Auto Industries.

15. Fabrication & Supply of Diff. Filter Parts for M/s Trijama Filterall P. Ltd.

16. Fabrication & Supply of Storage Bins & Trolly for garment’s rolling system for M/s Wilhelem Textile India Pvt. Ltd.

17. Fabrication & Supply of Paint Shop, design by Wruster Germany for M/s Hero Honda Motors Ltd.

18. Fabrication & Supply of Circular & Elliptical Tanks for fire protection equipments for M/s Pyro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

19. Fabrication & Supply of Crushing Plant / Screening Plant Equipments for M/s Sandvik Asia Ltd. & M/s Metso Minerals (New Delhi) Pvt. Ltd.